Script and General Stage Directions

Actors: Hansel   Narrator(s): 1 or as many Ss as
  Gretel     necessary dressed as
  Father     woodcutters or forest
  Mother     animals, i.e. foxes, hares,
  Witch     deer, etc.
  A bird (silent actor – optional)      

Scene 1 (House/Garden/Outdoors)

Deep in the forest,
a man and his wife
have two little children
and live a poor life.
Now it is winter
and that is not good.
The father’s unhappy
because there’s no food.

His wife has the answer,
but it isn’t quite right.

Let’s leave the two children
in the forest tonight!
We have no more money,
no food on our shelves.
Hansel and Gretel
can look after themselves!

The children are listening –
they’re not in bed.
Gretel starts crying.

Did you hear what they said?
Hansel, my brother,
what can we do?
This is the end
for me and for you!

Don’t worry!

says Hansel
and runs to the door.

I know what to do.
Please don’t cry any more!

He goes to the garden
and looks all around,
then picks up some pebbles
he finds on the ground.

Curtains open to show the interior of Hansel and Gretel’s house (the kitchen). Stage lights up. Hansel and Gretel are sitting at the kitchen table, staring at empty plates. They look hungry. Mother is pacing up and down, preoccupied. Father is near the cupboard, looking at the empty jars. The children shrug and exit stage right (but they remain behind the curtain, peeking out). Lights dim.

Spotlight on the parents. Mother and Father sit down at the table. Father looks very sad. Then Mother raises a finger because she gets an idea.

Father looks shocked and shakes his head. Hansel and Gretel pop out from behind the curtain. They look terrified. Spotlight dims and parents exit stage left. Spotlight on stage right.

The children come out from behind the curtain (Stage right). Gretel is crying; Hansel takes her hand and leads her to the kitchen table. They sit down.

The two siblings hug each other. Hansel is trying to look brave and comfort Gretel. Hansel thinks. He has an idea. He turns to Gretel and wipes her eyes. Gretel stops sniffing and looks at him hopefully.

Hansel runs downstage centre (the garden). He pretends to open a ‘door’. Curtains close and lights dim (dark blue). Gretel remains centre stage, observing her brother curiously, until curtains are closed.

Hansel looks around the garden and picks up small pebbles from the ground and puts them in his pockets. When he has got enough, he exits, going back onto the stage through the curtains. Music for the first song begins.

Song: No Money, No Food!

Hansel and Gretel,
sister and brother,
live in the wood
with their father and mother.

No money, no food.
Nothing to eat.
No biscuits or cake.
No chocolate or sweets!

Mother and Father
are talking one night.
Hansel and Gretel
get a terrible fright.

Repeat chorus

Hansel is clever.
He’s got an idea.
But what is he doing?
It just isn’t clear!

Repeat chorus

Scene 1

Part 1 (Outdoors / House)

Next day, very early,
the four of them go
into the forest.
Look! There’s some snow!

Let’s stop for a while –
here’s a good place!

But the father is sad.
There are tears on his face.

Wait here and be careful!
We need some more wood.

The children wait quietly.
They’re careful and good.
But their parents are late.
They’re still not here.

Don’t worry, Gretel.
There’s nothing to fear!

Let’s follow the pebbles
I dropped on the way!

And the children are home
by the end of the day!
The father is pleased,
but his wife starts to moan.

How did these children
find their way home?

Hansel and Gretel
hear their parents talk.

Tomorrow we’re going
for another long walk!

Later that night,
Hansel goes to the door.
But look! It is locked!
He can’t get out anymore!

Curtains closed. The family enters stage right through the curtains. They walk along the forest path slowly (downstage). Mother is first, then Father holding Gretel by the hand, and Hansel is last. Hansel secretly takes out the pebbles he has in his pockets and drops them on the path as they walk. Gretel is trying to distract her parents so that they do not see what Hansel is doing. The four of them stop at the far end of the path (stage left). Mother points towards a rock. The children go to the rock and sit on it. Father is wiping his eyes with his sleeves and sniffing.

Mother grabs Father by his shirtsleeve and whispers something in his ear; they exit through the curtains from stage left. Lights dim. It’s getting dark.

Gretel shivers in the cold; Hansel stands nearby. They look at each other, very worried. Lights dim until it is night.

Hansel looks at Gretel and beckons to her.

Hansel picks up the pebbles he dropped. Curtains open when he picks up the last pebble, to show the interior of the house. Father, sitting at the table, looks miserable. Mother, doing housework, is smiling. Hansel and Gretel see them and run to them. Father embraces both of them.

Mother walks towards the audience, irritated. Then she goes back and takes part in the conversation. Stage lights dim as Father takes the children offstage right. They wait until Father has gone, then once again peek out from behind the curtain.

Father returns to the kitchen and sits to talk with Mother. Spotlight on the kitchen area. We see Hansel and Gretel watching from behind the curtain, worried. Mother, standing over Father now, one hand raised, and gesturing angrily, raises her voice. Father drops his head and they both exit stage left. Spotlight remains on the kitchen, the children tiptoe in then Hansel runs softly to open the ‘front door’. He struggles but it is locked. With head hanging down, he goes back to the kitchen. Both he and Gretel sit down at the table looking lost. Stage lights out. Curtains close.

Part 2 (Outdoors / Witch’s house)

And so the next day,
they go for a walk.
But everyone’s sad –
they don’t want to talk.
But Hansel has pieces
of bread in his sack.

Don’t worry, dear Gretel.
We can find our way back!

They stop in the forest.
There isn’t much light.
They make a big fire
and soon it is bright.

Stay here and keep warm.
We must get some wood.
Father: Here is some bread, dears.
Now be very good.

The children are now
in the forest alone.
They’re cold and unhappy
and so far from home.

Don’t worry, dear sister.
There’s bread on the ground.
We can find our way home.
Now, let’s look around!

They look and they look,
but the bread isn’t there.
The children are worried.
They look everywhere.

Look! There’s a bird
with some bread in its mouth!

Hansel, what can we do?

Let’s try walking south!

They walk through the forest
and see a bright light.

There’s a house made of sweets!

What a wonderful sight!
The roof is a biscuit,
the walls, chocolate cream!
Hansel and Gretel
both think it’s a dream!

Stage lights up slowly (morning): The family enters through the curtains from stage right. They are all walking along the path. Father is carrying a cloth bag with some firewood. Hansel reaches into his sack for some pieces of bread. He drops them, piece by piece, on the ground and whispers to Gretel so Mother doesn’t hear. But he doesn’t see that behind him, a bird is following and pecking at the bread. The bird collects all the pieces, and goes to sit down, downstage (centre). During the rest of the scene, it eats the bread slowly. Stage lights dim slowly when they reach the far left side. Father takes out the firewood and pretends to make a campfire. Spotlight on them.

Mother orders the children to stay.

Father takes out a loaf of bread from his bag and gives it to the children. He and the mother exit, stage left, through the curtains.

Children are sitting around the fire, shivering. Spotlight dims and goes off to show that the fire has gone out. Stage lights in pale blue (night).

Gretel looks scared. She gets up and helps Hansel look for the pieces of bread.

The children walk towards downstage centre, looking for the pieces of bread. They cannot find any.

Hansel points to the bird still eating the pieces of bread, unaware of their presence.

Gretel looks shocked and grabs Hansel. She shouts.

Hansel puts his arm around Gretel to comfort her and they walk downstage left. Curtains open to show the forest and the outside of the Witch’s house.

The children walk around the stage, still in pale blue light.

Spotlight on the Witch’s house.

The children approach excitedly. They stare at the house with eyes wide and mouths open. They point to each part of the house as it is mentioned by the

Music for the second song begins, while Hansel and Gretel pretend to break off pieces of the house and eat them.

Song: All Alone!

The forest’s dark and lonely.
No bed to rest your head.
Follow the trail, follow the trail,
follow the trail of bread!

All alone, all alone!
Now they haven’t
got a home!

They’re looking all around them.
They’re looking high and low.
Where’s the trail? Where’s the trail?
Now which way to go?

Repeat chorus
The witch is in her cottage –
it’s made of all things sweet.
And when the children get there,
they eat and eat and eat!
Repeat chorus

Scene 3

(Witch’s house interior / Outdoors)

From inside the house
they hear someone speak.

Eat all you can!
My house is so sweet!

The children turn round.
Someone comes to the door.
They see an old woman.

Come in! There’s lots more!

But the woman’s a witch!
She brings them inside
and grabs the two children
before they can hide.

Don’t worry, my darlings!
You can have lots to eat!
I like fat little children –
With fat little feet!

She puts little Hansel
in a cage, like a bird.

Now, you girl – start cooking!
And don’t say a word!
I need some help
and he needs lots of food.
But I can’t see too well!
My eyes are not good.

Hansel spends weeks
in the cage, all alone.

Show me your finger!

But he holds out a bone.

You’re still very thin.
I can’t wait one more day!
I’m having you, boy,
for my dinner today!

Get everything ready.
I’m making some bread.

And she goes to the oven
and puts in her head.

Come over here, child.
I want you to see
if the oven is hot –
can you climb in for me?

But as the old woman
puts in her head,
Gretel pushes her in,
and now she is dead!
The children are happy.

What a wicked old witch!

Let’s take all her gold …

… and then we’ll be rich!

So Hansel and Gretel
find their way home.
They see their poor father.
He’s sitting alone.
They’re happy to be
together again.
Now everyone’s smiling,
and that is THE END!!

The spotlight is still on the Witch’s house. The children are upstage left, eating the pieces they have broken off the house. They hear the Witch speaking sweetly.

The children are startled and turn around quickly, looking guilty and holding each other in fear. Witch enters stage right and beckons to the children with her index finger to come inside, i.e. centre stage.

The children follow the Witch hesitantly, and after a few steps, she grabs Hansel with one hand and Gretel with the other. Stage lights on to show the interior of the house.

Witch smiles an evil smile, licks her lips as if she wants to eat the children, and then shakes them. Both children are terrified when she says the last two lines.

Witch shoves Hansel into the cage, downstage right and locks him up.

Witch takes an apron from a chair next to the oven and puts it on Gretel. She makes Gretel stand in front of the oven, stirring something in a big pot. She squints her eyes and strains to see the children. Gretel takes the big plate of food from the top of the oven and gives it to Hansel. He pretends to eat, and takes one big bone and shows it to the audience. Then, he hides it in his pocket. Witch goes over to Hansel’s cage.

When she speaks to him, Hansel hands her the bone he had hidden. She touches it and squints trying to see what it is. Gretel goes to Hansel’s cage and hides behind it. She is very scared. Witch is frustrated. She takes a few steps back and wags her finger at Hansel, then rubs her hands and belly wickedly. Gretel appears from behind the cage and looks desperately at Hansel, then at Witch and then at the oven. She is obviously trying to think of something to do. Witch beckons to Gretel to come to her. Gretel approaches slowly, but stays behind Witch throughout the rest of the action. Witch puts her head inside the oven.

Witch beckons with her index finger to Gretel.

Witch puts her head back into the oven. Gretel kicks her into the oven and Witch screams. Gretel closes the oven door and waves goodbye giggling.

The children jump up and down for joy.

Gretel goes to Hansel’s cage and unlocks it.

Hansel has an idea and shouts excitedly. Gretel joins in.

Both children take handfuls of gold coins out of the chest between the cage and the oven and put them in their pockets. They exit stage left. Curtains close.

Father enters through the curtains from stage right. He paces up and down, looking very sad. Then the children enter through the curtains from stage left. When they see their father they run and hug him. The children show him the piles of gold in their hands, but Father is just smiling. He is happy to be with them again.

Curtains open and all actors come on stage as the music for the last song begins.

Song: We Walk the Road Together

Sometimes life is very hard
and we say it isn’t fair.
Sometimes we feel really sad
and there’s no one there to care.

We walk the road together,
no matter what we do.
In any kind of weather,
you’ve got me and I’ve got you!

Sometimes people can be mean
and the things they do are cruel.
Sometimes things aren’t what they seem –
so, be careful! That’s the rule!

Repeat chorus
Sometimes we can lose our way
and we don’t know what to do.
But just be brave and simply say,
“You’ve got me and I’ve got you!”

Repeat chorus