Storytime 4

Storytime 4ELT DVD Video PAL

These ELT DVD Videos contain wonderful classic stories by famous storytellers, including Aesop and Oscar Wilde, in full animation.

Young learners are introduced to the amazing world of the English language as they watch fascinating classic and original stories in full animation.

Storytime 4 Details

Storytime 4 DVD Video PAL 978-1-84558-847-2

Storytime 4 DVD Video PAL Contains

  • Little Red Riding Hood in full animation
  • Puss in Boots in full animation
  • The Cracow Dragon in full animation

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Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood

Talking to strangers can be very dangerous as Red Riding Hood discovers. Will she learn her lesson in time…
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Puss in BootsPuss in Boots

An unlikely hero, the clever Puss in Boots, saves the day in more than one way…
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The Cracow DragonThe Cracow Dragon

What can King Krak do to save his people from the terrible Cracow Dragon? The bravest knights in Cracow try to kill the vicious creature that terrifies everyone in the town…
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