Reading Plan

In order for schools to be able to educate and prepare readers, they need to show children/adolescents, in practical manner, that day-to-day reading is not an end in itself, but rather a means of enjoying, feeling, imagining, communicating, getting to know oneself as well as getting to know others.

Literature & The Reading Plan

Engaging in the activity of reading requires not only dedication to reading literature. However, as literature both delights and instructs at the same time, we believe that literature should be read. Literary texts satisfy desires and provide more tangible forms for people’s anxieties. Tales and stories invite children/adolescents to live the lives of heroes and characters and overcome with them the difficulties they go through. That is, they are able to identify with them: the good ones, the silly ones, the bad ones, princeses and princesses, theives, magicians and witches.

Through literature, children learn to discover that there are realities other than the ones that each of us lives and experiences. There are fantasies and in a narratives there exists the possibility of experiences which our daily lives do not offer. In other words, it allows them to come out of themselves and commence a journey with their imaginations.