The Story of Santa Claus


Jenny Dooley

Level: Cuatro de Primaria

Who was the real Santa Claus? This old traditional German tale tells the story of why Santa wears a red coat and where he got his magical sleigh and reindeer.

Pupil’s Pack

Pupil’s Pack 1 (Pupil’s Book & Audio CD/DVD Video & DVD-ROM PAL) 978-1-84974-332-7

Teacher’s Pack

Teacher’s Pack 1 (Teacher’s Book & Audio CD/DVD Video & DVD-ROM PAL) 978-1-84974-336-5


The Story of Santa ClausThe Funpack Contains:
Reader, Audio CD, DVD Video/DVD-ROM PAL & Information Leaflet in Spanish

ISBN: 978-1-84679-164-2

Recognition and Awards

Digita Award Winner 2005

Deutscher Bildungsmedien-Preis digita 2005

Award Category: Private Learning under ten years of age.
Link to the awards: Deutscher Bildungsmedien-Preis digita 2005