The pebbles should be made from polystyrene and painted grey so that when Hansel drops them on stage, they do not make a lot of noise – something which the parents would hear.

Father’s shoulder bag as well as Hansel’s sack should be a plain cloth bag in any colour.

The loaf of bread as well as the pieces of bread can be real.

The firewood can be pieces of wood or branches from trees collected by the Ss.

The chest of gold can be any kind of chest or cardboard box painted brown, filled with chocolate coins, which Hansel and Gretel can take to their father in Scene 3.

The plate of food can be a plastic plate filled with any kind of toy food. If that is not available, you may use real fruit, cakes and biscuits.

The bone can be made from polystyrene or cardboard and painted brown-beige.

Props Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3
father’s shoulder bag    
loaf of bread    
Hansel’s sack    
pieces of bread    
pots and spoon    
chest of gold    
plate of food    
gold coins