All costumes should look as poor as possible. Colours need not always match or be the same as those in the book.


Simple reddish brown trousers, above the ankle. Could have some holes in them. Simple brown, scuffed shoes and long socks, possibly long enough to tuck the trousers into. Plain, dark blue, long-sleeved shirt and olive green vest. Colours may
vary, but everything should be very simple and poor-looking. For the outdoor action, a plain brown jacket.

Long, plain, blue dress with round collar. Brown, scuffed shoes. Long socks. Pink, patterned scarf, large enough to drape around her shoulders as a cloak.

Trousers – same as Hansel, but another colour, perhaps green. Yellow shirt, with rolled-up sleeves and brown vest. Brown, scuffed shoes. Long socks. Again, a plain jacket for the outdoor action.

Long skirt and blouse or dress with round collar and cuffs of another colour. Simple shoes. Apron with holes in it. Hat with ruffled brim. A shawl for the outdoor action.


Long, black dress, with round collar and matching apron. Buckles on shoes, if possible. Black, pointed hat with crooked brim, optional.