Storytime 1

Storytime 1ELT DVD Video PAL

These ELT DVD Videos contain wonderful classic stories by famous storytellers, including Aesop and Oscar Wilde, in full animation.

Young learners are introduced to the amazing world of the English language as they watch fascinating classic and original stories in full animation.

Storytime 1 Details

Storytime 1 DVD Video PAL 978-1-84679-079-9

Storytime 1 DVD Video PAL Contains

  • The Lion & the Mouse in full animation
  • The Ant & the Cricket in full animation
  • The Nightingale & the Rose in full animation

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The Lion & the MouseThe Lion & the Mouse

The well-known story which shows how help can sometimes come from unexpected sources…
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The Ant and the CricketThe Ant & the Cricket

The cricket spends the warm summer days playing and singing while the ant collects food. What will happen when winter comes…
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The Nightingale & the RoseThe Nightingale & the Rose

How can the nightingale help a young man win the heart of a beautiful girl…
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