Storyland 3

Storyland 3ELT DVD Video PAL (DVD Case)

Storyland ELT DVD Videos are divided into three levels: Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. They introduce young learners to fascinating classic and original stories in full animation. Each DVD contains three stories at the same level. They can be viewed and explored either individually or in combination with the corresponding Storytime readers.

Storyland 3 Details

Storyland 3 DVD Video PAL 978-1-84558-853-3

Storyland 3 DVD Video PAL Contains

  • The Nightingale and the Rose
  • The Ghost
  • A Mirror, a Carpet and a Lemon

Information related to the reader

The Nightingale & the RoseThe Nightingale and the Rose

How can the nightingale help a young man win the heart of a beautiful girl…
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The GhostThe Ghost

A holiday in a haunted castle turns out to be more of an adventure than Sam and Jane expected, but everything turns out well in the end…
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A Mirror, a Carpet and a LemonA Mirror, a Carpet and a Lemon

Three princes seek the hand of a princess in marriage. All three bring strange and magical gifts, but who will the princess choose…
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