The Story of Santa Claus – Digita Award Winner 2005


Express Publishing’s Story of Santa Claus represented by Max Hueber Verlag in Germany won the Digita Award 2005 for the Category “Private Study –student’s including 10 year olds”.

This award is a representation of the vast amounts of research and development Express Publishing carries out for all the learning materials we develop whether they are paper based or in a digital form. Our materials are always student focused, targeted specifically at the various learning curves in each specific age group.

What Digita had to say…

The story of Santa Claus is presented through a various media formats (picture, audio CD, DVD) in English. The DVD and the picture book contains a variety of exercises and games, right through to the consolidation of the English vocabulary and the history of Santa Claus, as is depicted in all the texts, dialogues, exercises, and the German translations (allowing parents to partake in the learning process of their children even with a limited knowledge of English). The software included in the pack also has an audio CD which can be heard regardless of access to a computer.

From the Findings of the Jury
The Digita Jury was impressed by the seasonal theme: The Story of Santa Claus was presented in a beautifully designed study package, which gives children in primary school-age-one access to the English language. The software is designed so that children can deal with this alone. The children can determine the order, their pace and scope of the tasks to be processed themselves. The Story of Santa Claus is well-designed, has varied exercises and games are used to strengthen the English words and phrases. The tasks are designed and presented in such a way that they can be collected from the children intuitively and then independently solved, even if they have not understood the verbal instruction. The user interface is designed so as to be child-friendly and clear. The cartoon characters speak directly to the age group.

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